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Bollywood Movies History and Wiki Info

Bollywood Movies Wiki

There are different kinds of movies like Hollywood, Lollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, and more. Bollywood is one of them. These movies are different from each other due to their languages, locations, and more.


The word Bollywood is a combination of two words which means Bombay and Hollywood. Bombay is known as Mumbai and it is the main place where most of the Hindi films are produced. Bollywood is a multi-million-dollar industry, which produces more than 1000 movies a year. The word Bollywood also describes Indian cinemas completely but more accurately it describes movies of Hindi language only.

Origin of Bollywood movies

Dhundiraj Govind Phalke, more popularly known as Dadsaheb Phalke was the one who first directed Indian’s first feature-length film in 1913. He directed Indian movie named as Raja Harishchandra. From 1913 to 1918, he oversaw the production of Indian movies. In the beginning, the movies were silent but later the movies become talkative and with the passage of time, many improvements occur in the film industry.

In the early 1920s, many new production companies came into being and they produced movies on the basis of their culture and history. The movies like The Ramayana and The Mahabharata influenced throughout the decade. The production companies began to produce more films in a year. It is estimated as 108 movies were produced in 1927 and 328 movies produced in 1931.

In the starting, the movies were black and white in the beginning but later the idea of adding colors into movie gain success. Big places were designed for shooting. The tickets were sold and in World War 2, the production of movies decreased because of government restrictions and limited stock for shooting. Some people thought that the film industry will shut down soon while some had faith that it will rose again. With the passage of time, more movies begun to produce and a large number of tickets begun to sell.

Bollywood Movies

In 1950, the moviemakers like Bimal Roy and Satyajit Ray focused on the lives of poor people who were mostly ignored. They produced movies based on the realism to aware people about the thinking of a common man. Later these movies were named as Masala film.

Masala Movies

The most successful director of Bollywood movies of 1970 is Manmohan Desai. He is considered as the father of Masala Movie. The movies which contain entertainment, revenge, songs, a difference of rich and poor people, and emotions of love or hate are called Masala Movies. Masala movies also based on imagination in which a person forget all his miseries and worries and went into a land where he lived happily.

Bollywood Movies Languages

Bollywood Movies are usually in Hindi language but some movies contain both Hindi and Urdu languages. Sometimes, Bollywood Movies are produced with a combination of Hindi, Urdu, and English languages. The use of the English language is increasing in Bollywood movies. Nowadays, more than one languages are used in Bollywood movies. It is done by using subtitles or by using several soundtracks.

Significance of Bollywood Movies

Bollywood Movies have an intermission to keep the audience engaged in the story. A Bollywood Movie is of 3 hours. It is the duration in which the audience relate themselves to the characters of the story. Bollywood Movies are famous for their costumes, makeup, traditional jewelry and more. These things make Bollywood movies different from other Hollywood, Lollywood, etc. movies. All Bollywood Movies have one thing in common and that is their storyline. The stories revolve around hate, love, romance, comedy, separation, fighting and more. All Bollywood Movies have a happy ending because of which it is liked by many people. Bollywood Movies contain dance, music, and songs. The songs ‘Dola Re’ and ‘Pinga’ are still considered the most famous songs and the dance performance in these songs make it unforgettable.

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