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Features, Advantages & Disadvantages of WhatsApp

History of Whatsapp

Whataspp founder Jan Koum name praeson,that was a worker in yaho company. after that he give resine in 2007 to yahoo company.then he went south america.they took some time there after that apply for job of facebook his application was rejected for this job.
in january 2009.

Kohm and Acton met with a friend of Kim’s in West San Jose, Alex Fishman, to discuss a new type of messaging app that would create, after people’s personal names, They felt that to further this idea, they would need an iPhone developer. Fishman visited Russian developer Igor Solomonikov, and introduced him to Kom.He then started working on this forum in 2011, succeeding in 2013 that he created many whatsapp trends.i think in this time user of whatsapp are many milions or above.

Features of Whatsapp

Whats App Features

WhatsApp clients can share their area slowly over messages. They can also set up contact arrangements So that they can quickly send messages to many people during test visits via the WhatsApp. Probably the best element of the Whatsapp is that it enables clients to stay in touch with people overseas, without having to make universal allegations of instant messaging.

Advantages of Whatsapp

Whatsapp is free for users no extra charges for using.
Whatsappe suport us vice call for users.
It suport video call.
Send to anyone ducoment or file at any wheare in world.
It is a simple app and use easy for old generation.
Whatsapp user does not face advertisements dificulties .
Share live location and images.
One of the best feature change in numbre to an othre number with out lose whatsapp account .
You do not require to extra balance if your internet data are avilable for whatsap.
There are many benefits when you download the Whatsapp for PC. First, you can chat with the people in your contact list now.

WhatsApp Disadvantages;

Your profiel picture are visible and your number
There is no option to hide from specific users.
Messages It’s not possible to send messages in the normal inbox of a mobile phone
One group had a limit of 256 people, which can now grow 3000 with some settings.
You must have login to send and received meassage.
For whatsapp sms chat you must have andride cell phone.
Whatsapp required regular update on cell phone.
Every app has some disadvantages, and even the Whatsapp has some drawbacks. If someone has your number, they can easily access your personal details.

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