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History & Uses Of Instagram

The word Instagram mean telegram and instant camera. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in San Francisco who firstly created the platform similar to Foursquare. Then they turned their attention to sharing of photo.

Instagram is one of the biggest and  familiar social network that work to day in our life. When we can not  use social media , then in our mind  such question rises that what is Instagram and how it work.

This article can provide us about Instagram , their use and their advantages in our life .


Instagram is application which is free and online for the shearing of videos and photos. In 2012 Facebook provide the social network platform.


Through a mobile app ,we can edit and upload photos and short videos by the help of Instagram. Each of their post can be caption and to index these post   they use  location  based geotags and hashtag and make them reachable with in the app by the help of other user. Each post can be appeared on their followers.

When hashtags and geotags are used Instagram feeds and post can be viewed by the public . User can also  only view their post but they have option to make their profile  secrete or private. Instagram user can like ,comment it and by the help of instagram you can send private messages to their friends  as well as other posted are bookmarked .You can send or shared one or more photos  to other social media like Facebook ,Twitter and tumbler with a single click by use of Instagram .


Instagram is tool which is not only for individual but also for business and for many other purposes. Instagram provide opportunity to companies to promote their product and brand to start a free business account by photo sharing app. Free engagement and impression metrics access are provided to companies with business account .

About 70% people says that they have discovered  new and fresh product through  Instagram app. More than 1 million advertiser  worldwide use Instagram to share their information  ,stories, drive business result and solve their problem by the information of  Instagram  website.

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