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How to Rank Your Brand New Website on Google


So as the title indicates in this article I am going to tell you about the ranking of your new website on Google. There are many tips and rules tricks whatever you call which will help you to rank high on Google search engine in this high competitive era. Let me explain you before the start of this article that there is no proper way or rules for this purpose because Google changes it’s algorithm automatically after a few time so no one knows the exact way to rank your website on Google but there are few tips or tricks which comes with experience will help you a lot for this purpose. Let’s get into the article for knowing those.

Rank Your Website

On page (optimization or SEO);

Let me start these tips and tricks which I have learnt from this important topic about on page SEO. My experience says that if you do on page optimization properly it will do your 50% of SEO for your website and will help you a lot to rank high on search engine. First of all you must know that what is meant by on page optimization and how will it help?

Let me tell you that on page optimization is all about having the content on your site which follows Google’s policies. Your site will never rank high until your content is on the standards of Google. I’ll explain you its different features with subheadings.

  • Title Tag;

So we are going to start with first sub heading that is title tag because the title simply represents what your website or article is about. Try to make it very unique and attractive and your keyword must be in title, if it is present it will help search engine to rank you high.

  • Header tag (h1, h2…);

Try to use headers in your website and it will make it more clear from a general look and will catch the attention of the user and you should insert keywords in headers which will help Google to rank it high.

  • Meta tag;

You must use keywords you want to rank in your meta tags on your website which will attract users and will also help you in Google ranking.

  • Picture tag;

Picture display plays an important role in ranking of your website because good pictures makes your website eye-catching for users and they like it and moreover you must use keyword or your website name in  pictures that will also help Google bots to rank it high.

  •  Keyword in URL;

Another important part of on page optimization is your URL which helps Google to rank it high and it you will use keyword in URL Google will easily recognize it and will rank that keyword and as a result automatically your website.

  • Quality content and length;

Quality content also plays an important role in ranking your website so you must use quality content and relevant to article or topic. Your content should also lengthy and after research it has been proved that Google recognizes lengthy content easily.

Off page SEO;

Let me tell you another way to rank your website so this is off page SEO or commonly known as back linking. This helps a lot to rank your website on Google.

This is like advertisement off your site. In this process you provide your link of website on other popular websites or you may add a category of your website to rank that and then these links give power to your website and Google ranks it higher than others.Back links are of different types like profile backlinks or forum or many others.

Behavior of website;

This is a very important tip to rank your website on Google which most of the people don’t know. You must continuously study the behavior of your website and you will slowly see that what is the thing in which you are lacking behind just provide that and Google will rank your website easily without any difficulty. So you must judge the behavior of your website carefully.


The most important thing for the website is indexing. Your posts must be indexed on time and slowly  it’s indexing speed increases with passage of time but you should use Google search console for this purpose and it will inform Google about your posts and will help a lot in indexing and then as a result your website will be ranked.

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