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Seven Rules for Writing Good Articles


This article is about those who want to know how to write good and effective articles for the readers. Many people thinks there are no rules for article writing it’s just about writing your ideas but this is not true because there are certain rules or tips you can say if you follow your articles will really entertain the readers and will attract them for reading. Sometimes your articles have problems for readers. Such that they are confusing for readers.

Writing Good Articles

Well, than follow my instructions they will help you a lot.

  1. To the Point:

Yes to the point, this is the most important tip for article writing. It doesn’t matter what you are writing about but your point should be precise and clear always that what you are explaining in your article.

This will make reader more interested in the article and he/she is going to enjoy it. Sometimes the writer writes irrelevant things in their article for making it long and they got away from their original point and that causes distraction for reader. So you must take care of this thing in your article.

  1. Headings:

The 2nd rule I would like to tell you about article writing is about the use of headings and sub headings in your article. It will make it more attractive for the reader to read and in this way it also looks very beautiful and one can easily have the concept about the main ideas about your article just by looking at it.

Make the important ideas or points of your articles as headings and the things which you found important in your headings make them sub headings so that they should be very clear for the user and he/she can easily get your important ideas.

  1. Short and Easy to understand;

Your article must be very easy to understand and it should not be too long. If it is very lengthy then the user get bored and then reader don’t like it. It should be short and precise. Don’t use too much long sentences in your article the readers don’t like them mostly and your article should be user friendly,

I mean the reader coming from any sort of background should easily understand your concepts and the choice of your words should not be too difficult for the readers to understand. Keep it simple but effective.

  1. Research;

Before writing any sort of article you must do a complete research or study about that topic briefly. No one can write a good article without having the complete knowledge about that topic. The knowledge or study about certain topic which you are going to write will automatically make it more lovely and good for the reader because you will cover all aspects easily.

If you are not fully acknowledged you will surely miss things and the user would not get complete information and he would not like it.

  1. Linking:

This is a very important tip for you for article writing. Linking means the linkage between the sentences and then the linkage between paragraphs. If they would be linked it would be very attractive for the user.

The first sentence with second one and the first paragraph with the 2nd should be linked. I would like to make my statement clear with an example like when you see a drama; its episodes are linked with each other, when the next episode comes it starts from the same place where last one was finished. So it will make your article more beautiful.

  1. Stories:

Your article should be like a story or should narrate little stories in the article because the reader nowadays like that articles which are like stories instead of very serious and length which makes them boring.

  1. Rechecking or conclusion;

This is also a very important thing that your conclusion should be good because if you will summarize it well then the reader will like it more. And after that you must check the whole article because there is a chance of mistake and then the user would get confused and would not like it.

I hope you enjoyed our article and must give us feedback……….


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