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The 5 Most Beautiful City In The World


Brisbane is the largest city in Australia .It’s known as Queensland the capital of Australia. This city is well growing and the biggest contribution to the economy of Australia.Another reason for their popularity is that they have multiple beautiful places for the tourists.Out of this one of them is cultural percent.next to the river land of Brisbane, this is built.

The aiming of their building for staying with visitors.Including luxury bedrooms, these also have museums, pools, morning and evening walk areas and many more things for enjoyment.


The other most beautiful things which are the star of every visitor is Brisbane Botanic gardens mount coot-that.The distinctive feature of this garden is that they have a verity of Japanese and Australia trees.These plants are not found in other places.People enjoy the lovely beautiful nature too much and feel fresh.


The history of this city is too old which is approximately 453AD. Due to their unique features, Venice is known as the city of water or city of the flyover.this is included in the world beautiful cities.

People come here by traveling long distances. The most popular canal in Venice is the grand canal. The history of this canal is old but times did not damage their beauty. This is the first preference of visitors when they come to Venice. The sound of Venice street is really blissful. The best months to visit Venice are September , October , May, and April .so visiting these days.


London is one of the best and attractive destinations in the world. Which is the part of the attraction for millions of visitors?Iconic buildings are a famous part of visiting London.

In addition to this, the London Tower and London Bridge are also very famous in London.in this place included the zoo and other ornamental things which are attractive for the tourist. Another eye-catching thing is the crown jewels exhibition. The key feature of this tower is 200 feet raised.This is the beautiful landmark of London.


Eiffel tower is one of the famous points of attraction in Paris .the height of the Eiffel tower is 324 feet high. Louvre Museum is the world’s best and beautiful museum in the world.

Which having eight departments that show a variety of things. In which included Egyptian and oriental antiquities.futher more they also have religious, graphical arts and painting. Which provides pleasant views to visitors. The other most beautiful places in art of triumph this is designed in the glory of imperial army members. Many other visiting places in Montmartre, places of Versailles, Luxembourg park and many more.

PRAGUE (Czech Republic)

It’s known as the city of hundred spires . This is famous because of its beauty. People want to visit this because of baroque architecture, welcoming populations and delicious dishes.

For the visiting of Prague city, you must place at least 3 or 4 days for visiting all the places.

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