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Nazar Drama Serial Cast, Wiki & Story By Hotstar

Nazar Drama Wiki

Nazar is an Indian Hindi-language drama serial which broadcast on StarPlus. The drama is full of supernatural powers, thrill, horror, family, and romance. Gul Khan and Karishma Jain are producers of the show. The main characters of the show are Antara Biswas, Harsh Rajput, and Niyati Fatnani.


Drama serial “Nazar Watch Online” is a story of a Daayan, an evil vital force who captivate the Rathod family. The series shows the struggle and efforts of the family which they have to face under her evil eye.

Nazar Drama Story

Nazar Full Episodes series revolves around Mohana Rathod, a 250-year-old life-force sucking vampire-like creature called daayan who use her powers to kill people and steal their age so that she looks young and beautiful. Mohana married to Mridul Rathod after which they have two children, Ansh and Kaajal. When Rathod family know the truth of Mohana, they get help from Divya Sharma, a psychical wizardess and a Reevaavanshii (monster-hunter). Divya cuts Mohana’s plait and she ran into the woods. Once cornered, Mohana was captured and she was set on fire. She transformed into stone but her evil eye was on Rathod family. Vedashree and her husband Shekhar Rathod adopted Ansh and Kaajal.

Nazar Drama At Tune Pk

After 18 years, Ansh and Kaajal grow up and they live far away from the village of Baandaap. As Ansh was a child of a daayan and a human, so he also has supernatural powers but he was unaware of the fact that he is a “Daavansh”. Piya Sharma, daughter of Divya and Nishant Sharma has the symbol of the Devi-Maa behind her neck and she could only save Ansh. Mohana sends puppet daayan, Ruby to the Rathod family with fake Durga’s symbol on her back so that she could regain her powers and charms. Under the spell of Ruby, Ansh and Ruby got married and Mohana freed from the charms and spells. Ansh realized the truth about his biological mother. Ansh started to like Piya. To stop Piya and Ansh marriage, Mohana sends an asura named “Bhaisaasur” from “Paathaal-Lohk” to Piya so that she frightened but Piya defeated that asura. Ansh learns about his real identity as a Daavansh.

Mohana agrees for the marriage of Piya and Ansh. Mohana killed Divya (Piya’s mother) who was a “Sarpika” (naagin) and all her powers transfer to Piya. Piya and Ansh got married and later they realized the truth of Mohana.

The Rathod family celebrate the Piya’s pregnancy and on the other side, Mohana came to know that Ansh’s child would kill Mohana. After 6 months, Piya gives birth to a baby boy in Shiva Temple. He was named as Munna. After 6 months, Ansh and Piya know about the supernatural powers Munna have. Piya tries to take away Munna’s power until he grows up but in this way, both Piya and Ansh lost their powers too. Mohana turned Rathod family into a tree.

Under the influence of Mohana, Ruby pushes Munna off a cliff but he was saved by Ansh. Munna killed Mohana with a Trident and Rathod family throw her ashes away in the river. In Drama Nazar Later, Munnah was named as Aditya Rathod.  Vedashree turned into a daayan but later Piya helped her to become a normal human.  Vedashree and Piya throw their plaits in the same river where the ashes of Mohana were thrown and in this way, Mohana acquires a Mermaid’s body. She tries to take advantage of Mermaid’s pearl and use Aditya to regain her powers. To save Aditya’s life, Piya risks her life and transform herself into a Mermaid.

Nazar Serial Cast

Antara Biswas as Mohana Rathod – a powerful Daayan, Ansh and Kaajal’s biological mother.

Harsh Rajput as Ansh Rathod – Vedashree and Shekhar’s adoptive son, Mohana and Mridul’s biological son. Piya’s husband and Aditya’s father.

Niyati Fatnani as Piya Sharma Rathod – Nishant and Divya’s daughter, Ansh’s wife and Aditya’s mother.

Kiara Bhanushali as Aditya Rathod – Ansh and Piya’s son.

Sonyaa Ayodhya as Ruby – previously Mohana’s puppet daayan and Ansh’s ex-wife.

Ritu Chaudhary Seth as Vedashree Rathod – Ansh and Kaajal’s adoptive mother, Shekhar’s wife.


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